Here’s a bunch of info I found as part of trying to figure out what was wrong with my eyes when several optometrists weren’t able to be much help. I’m not necessarily recommending anything they say, but think that even information you disagree with can be useful, or might help find something that is.

This is nowhere near a complete list, and isn’t intended to be one. It’s just some places to start.

Links will open in new windows, but only one per section below.

General Vision Info

  • Vision FAQ from
  • Eyesight, Optics and Vision Test including How to Read a Prescription and other useful info, from Direct Lens
  • Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology of the Human Eye from Ted M. Montgomery, Optometric Physician

General Vision Resources

  • EyeMDLink
  • All About Vision Home Page
  • National Eye Institute Home Page
  • Home Page (an optometrist/optician, but the site has some useful articles)
  • Macular Degeneration Support Home Page (but has lots of useful vision info)

Discussion Groups

  • newsgroup, better with a newsreader than this link
  • OptiBoard Discussion Forums


  • Presbyopia from Nova Southeastern University
  • Presbyopia InfoCenter Home Page

Lenses – Progressive and Other

One thing to look out for when reading about progressive lenses – I’m almost sure the articles use the term “astigmatism” to mean distortion in the lenses, rather than the vision condition.

  • How Progressive Lenses Work from All About Vision
  • 2004 Progressive Lens Indentifiers (.pdf format)
  • 2002 Progressive Lens Indentifiers (.pdf format)
  • Lenses and Your Prescription from
  • What’s Your Favorite PAL? from Review of Optometry
  • Some links to very technical comparisons of progressive lens brands
  • Lens Material with much detail about optics, ABBE values, and distortion
  • Personal (Customized) Progressives
  • Varilux Site for Vision Professionals lets you see what they say the difference between their lens brands are. Much better than their consumer site.
  • Rodenstock’s Lenses
  • Shamir Lenses

Computer Vision and Glasses

  • Computer Vision Syndrome and Computer Glasses (from Macular Degeneration Support)
  • Reducing Computer Related Eyestrain (from ASIC Northwest)
  • Computer Eye Strain (from Cooper Eye Care)
  • Computer Vision Syndrome from All About Vision
  • Computer Eyestrain (from Shady Grove Eye and Vision Care)
  • Computer Glasses for Presbyopic Patients (from Vision Care Products)
  • Computer (plus lens) clipons, if you want to experiment


  • Floaters and Flashers (from Macular Degeneration Support)
  • Eyestrain from Cooper Eye Care
  • Vision and Convergence Training from New Choices in Natural Healing for Women
  • Lighthouse International Low Vision Support
  • Medline Plus (National Institute of Health)

There’s no doubt a ton more information available. This is what I found and thought might be useful. If you find more, let me know, I’ll add it.